Annual Conference Held in Sun Valley

Posted on Oct 22, 2015

The Sun Valley Business Conference attracts large businesses with similar problems and experiences which they can share and learn from. Bob Iger of Walt Disney likes to see everyone in one place. These companies that are competing with each other are still aiming at similar goals.
Some of the companies that attend the Sun Valley Conference are Apple, Facebook, GM, New York Times, Time Warner, Comcast, and many more. Most of the CEO’s that attend this conference know how hard the game is. Sun Valley is a time to learn, relax, and celebrate success.

The sponsor or company that invites those that attend is Herb Allen and Company an investment bank. They often are involved in media mergers and acquisitions. Many guests bring the entire family to the conference to enjoy many activities for even children. Allen and Company pays for the conference. It is called a summer camp for billionaires.

The organizers of the conference discourage interviews from the media. Meeting or sessions at the conference begin early 7 a.m. but end early so attendees can socialize with each other. They have power lunches, long walks, and activities like river rafting.

Most that attend enjoy talking and socializing with many people. It is more about nurturing and developing relationships than making business deals. Over 300 of the most powerful people in media, finance, politics, and technology come. They have industry presentations, product launches, panel discussions, and networking in a very relaxed atmosphere.

What people wear often conveys their personal and business message. Many participants tend to dress casual as they are there to relax and learn. Most come in on private jets and they discuss education, national security and many topics.
Many deals have been struck at the Sun Valley Business Conference like Verizon’s acquisition of AOL. Jeff Bezo purchased the Washington Post this year. Another deal in the works is Comcast possible buying of NBC Universal. Over 53 media deals were made in 2013.

More important is that these power brokers come to relax and learn from each other in a resort like atmosphere. It is a place to work and play.