Apple and Comcast TV Deal

Posted on Apr 3, 2014

There has been word around the block for years that Apple would come out with its own television set. While this has yet to come to fruition, it has continued to improve its current Apple TV set box. This small device is used to stream content to a television in the same manor as a Roku box or similar service. However, Apple is looking to increase the amount of content it can provide its users, which is why it currently is in talks with Comcast in order to provide television based streaming content. In recent talks with Comcast, Apple is looking at receiving special treatment with Comcast cable in order to bypass congestion that takes place while streaming content on the Internet. Essentially, it would increase the streaming capability to Apple based products.

As these are two extremely large companies, with Apple standing as the most valuable company in the world and Compcast serving as the largest cable provider, there are many hoops to jump through before this becomes an actual done deal. However, if this does take place, it is going to be another move forward away from traditional cable bundle packages and closer towards individuals who are looking to stream content on their home devices.

Apple is looking to stream both live and on demand content through the Apple TV box, which would basically replace the traditional cable box. The interface would also change, so instead of a user flipping through stations in order to find their desired channel, they would basically navigate directly to the show they want or bring up the station listing.

The Apple TV would give individuals complete control over all of their Comcast content, all while having the streaming content on the same service as their Neflix, Crackle and other accounts, making it easy to access anything they would want to watch, all at the same time. While Apple wants to work with Comcast, Comcast would have to open up the Internet connection to Apple devices, in order to make sure there is no buffering slowdown. While this would be good for Apple users, it could ultimately slow down other individuals who are not using the Apple TV, as more bandwidth is devoted to Apple and less to other consumers. This would also likely be the first stage moving towards the final Apple Television set, as then the TV could come directly with Comcast connectivity.