Types Of Art You Can Buy In Miami

Posted on Apr 25, 2018

George Lindemann and many otherĀ  art lovers congregate where they can find different styles, and forms of art. Miami is well known for the strong reputation it has for the support it gives to artists. Visitors and residents can find art of any specific style in Miami. The city flows with cultural art pieces of […]

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Benefits of Chartering Private Jets

Posted on Apr 5, 2018

There are many benefits in chartering a private jet, as compared to commercial airlines. When chartering a jet, you select when you would like to fly. By chartering a jet you can avoid the long lines, and over crowed planes at a commercial airport. Stress-Free Flying Flying on a charter jet is not as stressful […]

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The Miami Design District is a popular place for TV shows and movies to film scenes, and it is a large shopping mall that has become the home of luxury stores from around the world. The old shops are often built in the art deco style, and they sit among new shops that were built […]

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Craig Robins has been seen enjoying the Magic Kingdom in Buena Vista Florida. The Four Seasons Resort saw David Spade relaxing and having a great time, and Kylie Jenner chose Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a day filled with fun. Once you have seen Buena Vista, the beauty, fun and attractions will ensure you come back often.

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Annual Conference Held in Sun Valley

Posted on Oct 22, 2015

The Sun Valley Business Conference attracts large businesses with similar problems and experiences which they can share and learn from. Bob Iger of Walt Disney likes to see everyone in one place. These companies that are competing with each other are still aiming at similar goals. Some of the companies that attend the Sun Valley […]

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