How Miami Design District Made Art And Design Exciting Again

Posted on Dec 12, 2016

The Miami Design District is a popular place for TV shows and movies to film scenes, and it is a large shopping mall that has become the home of luxury stores from around the world. The old shops are often built in the art deco style, and they sit among new shops that were built in the last few years. Shoppers are found every day on the walkway through the district, and this article explains why celebrities love coming down to Miami to shop.

#1: The Open Air Feel

The open air feel of the shopping mall allows customers to roam freely from one store to another, and there are consistently dozens of people on the street mingling. The scene looks lovely on TV, and it feels nice while shopping. Celebrities come to the area because it is quite open, and there are several celebrities seen in the area every month. Orlando Bloom has been spotted there, professional athletes shopping with their families, Serena Williams and countless others.

#2: Why Is Art In-Demand In Miami?

There are beautiful art galleries in the Miami area that are featured every year during the Basel art expo, and celebrities often come to the area to sample and invest in art. It is a high time to purchase art when in Miami, and the sunshine of the city changes the tenor of the art. Every artist has a bit of hope in them, and it shows in their work.

#3: Keeping The Design District Going

The Design District once fell on hard times before it was revitalized some time ago by Craig Robins. The city prides itself on the culture it carries in every corner, and it attracts new customers every day to the Design District who are interested in shopping and art. There are quite a few places to go where celebrities such as Disney stars Peyton List and G. Hannelius may shop, and they mingle among the crowd hoping that little kids do not recognize them.

Miami is an active city with an active style market. Shopping in the Design District may see customers bumping into Tom Brady or his lovely wife Gisele, and it is quite possible that a luxury store may have products the customer has not seen before. The city has grown from its beach roots into a beacon for style and grace that sees celebrities on its sidewalks every day with shopping bags.