How to Keep a High BBB Rating in San Diego

Posted on Aug 4, 2015

The Better Business Bureau now has a website that is accessible to the general public. This means that the general public can look into the reputation of a business online. Having your business BBB accredited with a high rating like Than Merrill ( boost business. Conversely, if your business is not BBB accredited and/or has a poor rating, your business can suffer.

San Diego is one of the regions that the BBB has in its data base. This means that if you own a business of any kind in San Diego, you want to be in good standing with the BBB. Much of the area surrounding San Diego is also in the database of the BBB.

The BBB has a rating scale from A+ to F. Of course, you want your ratings to be an A+ or close to it. There are some consumers that make decisions about what businesses to go to primarily based on their BBB ratings. If you have a low rating with the BBB, it may not necessarily spell doom for your business. However, your business is likely to be less successful without a good BBB rating.

Luckily, there are things that you can do to make sure that your business has a good standing with them like FortuneBuilders. Of course, your interactions with the public are key. Members of the public can file complaints with the Better Business Bureau. When a business gets complaints filed against them, it can lower their ratings. If you do find that there has been a complaint(s) filed against your business, it is not always too late. The way that a business handles the complaints can impact your rating in a good way. Of course, poorly handling the complaint can cause further damage to your rating. Additionally, avoid any activity that is illegal in the state of California or in San Diego. Illegal activities in a business result in the business getting the lowest rating, an F. Having a high degree of transparency of business practices also helps to boost your rating. It is important to maintain an honest business, in all ways. Any sort of dishonesty is likely to have a negative impact on your ratings.