New Innovations for 2014: Thin is In!

Posted on Apr 3, 2014

The current crop of innovations for this year is starting to shape up quickly. As we edge our way deeper into the information age, more and more young entrepreneurs are coming forward and introducing the rest of us to even more exciting concepts and ideas. While there are many different innovations and designs on the horizon, there are a couple of items that are screaming, “Thin is in!” and no we are not talking about new fad diets.

This startup out of the San Francisco area of northern California is set to release its Coin card this summer. This slick little gadget allows the customer to substitute all of their credit, debit, and gift cards onto one single device that looks like, well you guessed it, a credit card.

They have designed a product that would allow the user to utilize a credit card reader on their smartphone and load their credit card data to the app. The user then has the option to load up to eight cards onto the Coin device, and it would be used the same way as any other credit card by swiping it at a card terminal.

Coin reports that there are security measures built into the device. Low powered Bluetooth signals would alert the user when the Coin becomes separated from the smartphone by a measured distance. Only time will tell if the general public will adopt this interesting product, which is set for release this summer at around a hundred bucks.

You have all heard the saying about building a better mousetrap or the question “Why re-invent the Wheel?” The Bolt Group out of North Carolina has taken many familiar ideas and blended them into one. Gigs2Go is a credit card sized, tear-off portable USB thumb drive made from recycled paper. Yes, recycled paper for you go green folks who didn’t catch that the first time.

The concept here was to create a USB thumb drive that could be torn away from a small card of four USB thumb drives, so that large files could be shared with others without the worry of getting your USB drive back.

The Bolt Group says that they can customize these give-away devices with your company logo and can even pre-load them with business catalogs or other information you might want to share. There appears to be great potential with this device, and they are already available for purchase starting at $34.95.