Organizations that help in Sudan

Posted on Jul 18, 2017

There are several organizations that are trying to improve the quality of life for the people who live in Sudan. They strive to create programs that give the children in this area opportunities for a better future. They also help then work through the current environmental issues in that area.

Islamic Relief is one of the organizations that are pushing Sudan in the right direction. Since many of the people who live in Sudan struggle with income and lack of food, Sudan seeks to provide them with relief in those areas. The Islamic Relief group noticed that they were rapidly losing oil income which led to a drop in their economy. They have been working in the area for over 20 years and bringing relief to the people who are affected by this. They were involved in the recovery process of 1984 after they were ravished by a devasting famine. They help refugees and help children that are in need and have no one to care for them. They also bring more food resources to these people.

Another organization that does good work in Sudan is the Network For Good. This group seeks to help the homeless people in Sudan and they seek protection for them. There are often attacks on the poor people who cannot protect themselves. This network connects people who want to donate or volunteer. They steer them toward charities and groups that are able to help. Through this network, they have drastically increased the number of supplies that are sent to the people of Sudan. The Network For Good believes that Sudan is currently experienced a crisis of humanity and they need help. They have volunteers that provide water, comfort, and shelter to the refugees that are able to escape the terrible conditions in Sudan.

Save The Childen in Sudan is also working to help the children who are born into this place. They are working to provide proper care for children and decrease the infant mortality rate. This organization was founded in the 1980s. They work together to create programs to help the women and children in Sudan. They give them protection, supply them with tools for education, and work to provide them with medical attention. They hope to one day be able to help these children escape this terrible situation. Save The Children wants them to grow up with the opportunity for success and happiness.