Real Estate Gurus You Can Find On Twitter

Posted on Oct 29, 2015

It’s never easy to find a really good real estate agent these days. It’s even harder on social media, like Twitter. Whether you are looking for an agent or you’re an agent like Than Merrill looking for a client, we have a few simple steps. These easy-to-follow steps will help you become more easily connect with the gurus in the industry.


Twitter is like any other social media platform, it has lots of noise. The trick is to cancel out the noise. One easy way to do this is to be more selective with your keyword search. Block certain words. Use hashtags. Only using selective word. Focus more on the location. Social media is a lot like real estate, location is key. Use product names to filter your search. Be very specific with the bio information.

There are just a few simple ways to improve your search in real estate.

What are the benefits to doing this?

1) Extending the potential sales. Most clients out there probably do not know who you are. Over 90% of all real estate listings are not seen. It’s best to seek out clients. Some like to wait for the energy to come. If you do this on Twitter, you will be waiting a long time. Take the bull by the horns.

2) Look into your compliance issues. Do some of them need some updating? This could add to some new clients. Also, this works for the clients too. This way they can reach you.
Compliance standards om Twitter have a way of blocking things from both sides.

3) Be engaging on Twitter. Replies need to be informative, not filled with spam. Replies also need to be answered. This works from both ends, client and real estate agent alike.


The best thing to do is follow those feeds that have the best reviews. Ask some of your friends who they follow in the area. Look for agent gurus who give out genuine replies, not those who are just bucking for some social standing. These men and women usually have their pulse on the community, in a natural way.

Just because a Twitter page has the most like, doesn’t mean it’s going to be the most helpful. Look for gurus who reply back. Look for those who have the most click ratio going on. Hint, sometimes these are not the ones being the most advertised.