The Incredible Sights of Buena Vista Florida

Posted on Dec 5, 2016

Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa

This resort is gorgeous and offers units with everything from kitchens, huge televisions, pools and even a pirate ship. You can have fun in the game room, have a drink and enjoy awesome entertainment in the Irish Pub or grab a pizza. The spa is glorious and a convenience store covers all your needs.

Perhaps best of all, this deluxe resort is only one and a half miles from Disney. Although the more than fifty stores in the Factory Shops are definitely worth a look or two. Whether your family is interested in swimming, playing on the pirate ship or just relaxing at a grill right by the pool, this resort is an amazing vacation waiting to happen.

Walt Disney World

When you go to Buena Vista, be sure not to miss Disney World. This is now Disney’s Flagship for all of the Disney locations throughout the world. There are different themed parks, including water parks, courses to relax and enjoy a round of golf, and magnificent hotels your family or friends will enjoy.

The Magic Kingdom features the unforgettable castle of Cinderella and EPCOT itself has a huge dome right at the entrance. The Hollywood Studios are amazing and the animal kingdom will keep you entranced. This park is truly one of Florida’s greatest lands of wonder and awe.

Celebrities Love for Buena Vista Florida

Craig Robins has been seen enjoying the Magic Kingdom in Buena Vista Florida. The Four Seasons Resort saw David Spade relaxing and having a great time, and Kylie Jenner chose Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a day filled with fun. Once you have seen Buena Vista, the beauty, fun and attractions will ensure you come back often.

Universal Studios

Movies come to life at this incredible park. Numerous films that became blockbusters were made right here. Films like Terminator and Twister saw actors dressed up as characters walking around the studio, and since this is in actuality a working studio, actors are seen all over the park at just about any time. Even Marilyn Monroe has graced this glorious facility.

The magic of seeing where movies that awed you were made is something nobody should miss. Certain moves have been reimagined but as rides. Sometimes the original actors and actresses have been added for an even greater experience.