The Latest in Hollywood’s Animated Features

Posted on Apr 3, 2014

After Hollywood’s last animated features, Frozen and The Lego Movie, stormed the box offices this winter, it’s time to prepare for this summer blockbusters. Adding on to beloved movies that viewers have seen, is the sequel to How To Train Your Dragon 2 by Dreamworks, complete with original characters Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless. Another upcoming sequel is Finding Dory, taking favorite character from Disney’s Finding Nemo and having her star in her own story. Rio 2 is another sequel slated to release, following the tropical bird on new adventures in the rainforest. The Cars franchise has also expanded to new movies under the Planes title, but with the same animation and stories that captured audiences for the Cars movies. Planes: Fire and Rescue is one of many stories to add to Pixar’s growing movie list. Disney is following suit by releasing another installment of Tinkerbell’s adventures with a movie titled ‘The Pirate Fairy’. Follow Tinkerbell and her friends as they race against time to find Blue Pixie Dust and restore the rightful order in Pixie Hollow.

Recently Hollywood has begun taking old classics and revamping them for a new audience, which parents can see in Mr. Peabody and Sherman and Pinocchio. The characters are now CG animated and dialogue is updated to entertain both adults and children. “Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return” is another film that takes a classic story and spins it into a new CGI presentation showing Dorothy’s struggle to return to Oz after going home.

New movies include 3D masterpiece “The Book of Life” which explores the journey of a young man who must chose between familial obligations and following his heart, voices by Channing Tatum. Also on deck is a film called “The Boxtrolls” which follows an orphan boy, Egg, and his unusual childhood being raised by trash collecting trolls. Dreamworks is also producing a film called “Home” were a group of inept space aliens attempt to take over Earth, with voice assistance from stars like Jennifer Lopez and Rhianna.

“Frozen” and endless singing of “Let It Go” should be enough of a hint that animated features are taking over Hollywood. Prepare for a year of full blown CGI, stop animation masterpieces.