Westfield London Becomes the Largest Shopping Mall in Europe

Posted on Mar 1, 2018

Westfield London is already a popular retail and entertainment destination for local and international visitors. The centre boasts hundreds of stores that meet shoppers’ needs, from everyday items to high-end products and apparel. The centre also contains dozens of restaurants featuring global cuisine, state-of-the-art cinemas, a casino, and a bowling alley. Westfield hosts regular events to engage with different branches of the community, which is a key feature as noted by Peter Lowy & Steven Lowy – the Co-CEOs of the organization. These events can range from expectant parents to fans of orchestral music.

A recent expansion of 740,000 square feet to the centre will bring the total square footage up to 2.6 million. The additional space will make Westfield the largest shopping mall on the European continent. Its size will surpass both the Aviapark in Moscow and the Westgate shopping city in Zagreb. This expansion will bring exciting new developments for the community and local economy.

Westfield’s expansion is already six months ahead of schedule and will be launching in phases starting in March 2018. 8,000 new jobs will be added, bringing the total number of jobs created by the centre up to 20,000.

The new expansion will feature a beautiful John Lewis department store that spreads over 4 levels and 230,000 square feet. Other retail outlets featured in the new section include Primark, Chinese brand Urban Revivo, Bo Concept, and Urban Decay. A new focal point will be Westfield Square; an outdoor space dedicated to dining, entertainment, and experience. Westfield Square will be opened up in the summer.

Westfield caters to the local, as well as the international communities by having multi-lingual concierge teams on hand to assist tourists and enhance their experience. Beautiful architecture mingled with access to high-end shopping and international cuisine has made Westfield a popular and successful destination. This marvelous new expansion will only add to that success and bring in even more shoppers in the local and tourist markets.

Westfield is continually partnering with the community to facilitate in job and career training. Local artists and creatives from around the world have opportunities to showcase their art, culture, and talents. Residential properties open the door for people to enjoy living in the diverse and vibrant community that they love.

Europe’s largest shopping mall has a bright future ahead that includes great opportunities for thousands of individuals.