What Is Next For The Smart Watch Industry

Posted on Apr 3, 2014

Cell phones, smart phones, and now the smart watch, it is the next big thing. People are chomping at the bit for wearable technology. The history of wearable technology is a long path littered with many failures. As early as 1984 models were being released that had little to no resemblance to the functionality and the mobility of today’s smart watches.

Yesterday’s smart watches were little more than personal data assistants. No real wireless communication to speak of, and functionality much less than a video game console of the time. The technology just was not ready to provide the options and usability that consumers craved.

Advances in miniaturization of electronics and computers brought us all one step closer to what we wanted. Advances in the wireless technology that made smart phones a possibility brought most of the rest of the technology we needed. Finally solid touch screen technology brought us to the final goal, a usable smart watch with all the functionality of the home computer.

Now that a multitude of companies are jumping into the race to develop the technology we have some great things coming down the pipeline. As with any new technology, the current batches of smart watches are works in progress. Technology is being worked and researched. All products have to go through a few iterations before a superior product hits the shelves.

As for the next thing for the smart watch industry, we shall see. It looks like one major competitor, Samsung, is going to crack the code and produce the long battery and functionality we have been waiting for. Rumors abound of the Apple Company developing the device that will put a smart watch on every wrist.

One thing is for sure, a battle is shaping up. Much like VHS and beta max, a battle is shaping up as to which form our wearable technology will take. Watches, or glasses, or even something else coming down the road, it is a choice everyone interested in the technology must make. Watches will win it. It seems the best choice, the less intrusive on the human body, and the most natural.

What is next for the smart watch? A battle between three competitors; Samsung, Toshiba, and Apple, and a race of upgrading software and hardware between companies much like the smart phone revolution. Big things are coming. Apple and Samsung products are the ones to watch for. Yet as the market place gets more and more competitive, look for the technology to become standard. Look for the shelves to be filled with a smart watch from every major and minor tech company, and that’s good for every consumer.